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The main goal of the "Bloodborne Lore" project is to display to the users of this site the various locations that are in the game, and data that is relevent to those locations such as:

Bloodborne is an Action Role Playing Game that has you, the player, fight through hordes of terrifying enemies in order to progress in the game. Unlike in most games, there isn't a character that tells you exactly where you are supposed to be going, instead you are left to explore the environment to figure out your next path. This can lead to unexepcted boss fights which serve to make the game more exciting.

Having a project such as this based around this game in particular is necessary mainly because we believe that Bloodborne is a very unique experience compared to other options in the medium. However, there are similar games to it in the form of its predecessors, Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, that serve as a blueprint for what Bloodborne eventually turned into.

We believe that presenting a map with contextual information of the various locations will help both players of the game find things they are curious about as well as anyone who is generally curious about the game in general.

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